Please note we have ordered new pool chair straps for the recreation center pool chairs.  We ordered them in bulk in an effort to save on costs.  These will be installed this week.  Thank you for your patience.

The HOA has received calls regarding the increase amount of coyotes people are seeing.  We contacted Arizona Fish & Game, and they told us that due to the high heat and lack of water, coyotes, as well as other desert creatures, will find areas with food and water sources thatRead More →

Properties that back up to the hillside preserves and have any dead plants or trees that could be a potential fire hazard, please contact the HOA office.  The HOA is allowed to trim back up to 10 feet from the back fence line to the preserve, however the HOA isRead More →

The HOA is well aware there are transient and homeless people that appear from time to time in and around MPRHOA.   Areas in MPRHOA that are considered private property consist of; the recreation centers, any of the greenbelts, around the fountains, trailheads, hillside preserves, are all considered MPRHOA common areas.Read More →

  The Board of Directors approved Staffs recommendations on updating exterior house paint color choices, and allow MPRHOA paint schemes, numbers 1 -20, to now be interchangeable colors within their own schemes, instead of limiting individual body and trim colors in those subject schemes.  Please check with the HOA OfficeRead More →